You’ve worked hard to make your home a comfortable place to live, and keeping your family safe goes hand in hand with that. One of the biggest threats to any home is fire. Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of fires that cause damage to or destroy homes. Practicing these fire safety tips can help prevent a blaze from affecting your property.

Keep Your Smoke Alarms in Good Condition

Fire detectors are a major component of every home fire safety system, and they are often the difference between escaping the house and experiencing injuries.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for smoke detector installation and make sure you have a device in every bedroom, one outside of each sleeping area, and detectors in all common areas. Test the batteries every month and change them twice each year.

Teach Home Fire Safety in the Kitchen

One of the most dangerous parts of your home when it comes to fire safety is the kitchen. Cooking fires can start and spread very quickly, especially when there is grease involved.

Always stay in the kitchen when you are using the stovetop or oven. Use a timer to remind you to check on the food or take it out of the oven. Always keep flammable things, like towels and oven mitts, away from the stovetop when the burners are on.

Practice Fireplace Safety

Even if your fireplace is well-maintained, there is still a risk of fire. Use the screen or glass doors to keep sparks and ash inside the fireplace. Store extra wood and any flammable materials at least five feet from the hearth. Never leave a fire unattended, and make sure that you are burning only seasoned hardwood. If you have children, teach them fireplace safety and establish rules for spending time around the fireplace when it’s being used.

Have a Safety Plan in Case of a Fire

Unfortunately, even if you practice good fire safety at home, there could still be a fire in your house. Work with your family to create a plan for evacuation that everyone can follow.

Find two exits from each room. Choose a person to be responsible for making sure the pets are out of the house and determine a place to meet up a safe distance from the home.

It’s also a good idea to teach your family members how to use a fire extinguisher. Know the difference between a small fire that can be safely extinguished and when to leave the home and call for help.

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