Clean air is essential, and filters are the go-to technology for trapping particles and making the air safer to breathe. The HEPA filter is among the most effective of these options. If you’re thinking about an air filtration system, read on to learn how HEPA filters in your home will improve your indoor air quality.

HEPA Filters in Hospitals and Nuclear Facilities

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. These filters were designed in the 1940s by the US Army Chemical Corps and National Defense Research Committee to protect workers from breathing in harmful radioactive contaminants.

As technology improved, people began using HEPA filters in hospitals to slow the spread of germs. They were so effective that it wasn’t long before these filters made their way into various applications in the home. According to the EPA, HEPA filters can remove over 99% of airborne pollutants.

HEPA Filters in Your Home Offer Relief for Allergy Sufferers

Those struggling with asthma or allergies to dander, pollen, dust, and other contaminants may experience difficulty breathing, sore throat, watery eyes, and sneezing. Fortunately, HEPA filters can remove many of these pollutants from your home’s air. In fact, the EPA released a guide about residential air cleaners and mentioned HEPA filters in tandem with HVAC systems and air purifiers as a way to help reduce respiratory symptoms.

Pay Attention to Labels

HEPA filters must be capable of removing 99.7% of particles in the air at a size of 0.3 microns and bigger. However, no national or federal regulations are in place to monitor what’s sold in the consumer sector. Some manufacturers will voluntarily have their filters tested and certified in order to meet standards. These filters might be labeled “True HEPA” or “Absolute HEPA.”

Air Purifiers, HVAC Systems, and Vacuum Cleaners Use HEPA Filters

Vacuum cleaners, HVAC filtration systems, and portable air purifiers are three standard home appliances that often use HEPA filters. Households with allergy or asthma sufferers benefit from having these filters in use around the home.

HEPA Filters in the Home Need Frequent Replacement

HEPA filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly to perform well. Some filters are washable or permanent and can be cleaned per the manufacturer’s directions. Others are marked as single-use and should be replaced as needed. Since HEPA filters are more effective at trapping air pollutants than other filters, they should be replaced roughly twice as often.

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