Newly constructed homes appeal to homebuyers because they don’t have wear and tear from a previous owner. Even though the building is brand new, there can still be defects with workmanship and materials. If you’re in the process of building your dream home, there are a few reasons you should get a home inspection for new construction.

Save Money

Many homeowners don’t realize that when they get an inspection of their newly built home, it helps them save money. Although the home inspection costs money, they save themselves from having to make repairs later that should have been fixed by the builder.

In most cases, warranties end a year after a home is built, which means you’ll be responsible for covering the cost to repair any construction-related issues. By requesting home inspections throughout the phases of construction, you can have problems fixed before you move in, at no extra cost.

Avoid Further Damage and Safety Issues

Most problems in a home become more severe over time if they’re neglected. You can keep minor issues from becoming more severe when you get a home inspection on new construction. For instance, overlooked plumbing problems can lead to mold and water damage, and electrical issues may cause a house fire. A home inspection offers peace of mind that there aren’t defects that are getting worse, threatening your house and family.

Get a Home Inspection for New Construction for Better Resale Value

A new construction inspection can benefit you as a home seller when you decide to sell the house. If you know that the house had no issues before you moved in, you can be more confident when listing and pricing the house.

If the buyer’s home inspection uncovers serious issues that were never fixed during the initial construction, they may negotiate for a lower price or walk away from the deal altogether. Of course, at this point, it’s too late to get the builder involved.

Protect Your Health With a Home Inspection for New Construction

Problems like radon and mold can threaten your family’s health. Before moving into your new house, a home inspection will help you determine whether the home is a healthy place to live. It is recommended to order a radon test, even on new construction. New homes are typically well-sealed, which can cause radon to get trapped indoors and accumulate.

With a home inspection on new construction, you’ll be more informed as a homeowner and you’ll be able to make repairs before moving in at no cost to you.

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