Keeping Your Kitchen Organized

If you have a small kitchen, finding adequate storage can be challenging. While remodeling to create more room seems like an excellent solution, it may not be practical or possible. Learn to use the space you have efficiently. Here are a few useful kitchen storage ideas.

A Pull-Out Pantry

Maximize kitchen storage by installing a pull-out pantry. This feature is usually built into a cabinet or into the narrow space beside the refrigerator. Pull-out pantries are great for storing dry goods, spices, oils, and other ingredients, while providing easy access.

Add a Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is a rotating organizer that often has multiple levels. It is ideal for storing items in small containers like spices and snacks. Turn the device around to bring items to the front. A lazy Susan saves a significant amount of space and can be placed on the countertop or stowed away inside a cabinet.

Build an Island for Kitchen Storage

Not only can an island provide more storage, but it adds counter space too. Build cabinets and shelves into the island’s base, and pick a countertop that matches the rest of your kitchen. You might add barstools to create a seating area at the island. If your kitchen is too small for a full island, use a wheeled cart that can be moved around.

Use a Lid Organizer

Lids can be challenging to store, as they slide around and quickly become unorganized. Save yourself the hassle by investing in a lid organizer rack. It will save space and help you find and retrieve lids faster.

Install Under-Shelf Storage

Tall cabinet shelves leave unused space below. Install under-shelf storage to hold kitchen items. Some small appliances, like toaster ovens, can be installed under the counter, keeping the space they would usually occupy clear.

Use Under-the-Sink Storage in Your Kitchen

The space underneath your sink is often underused. But it’s the perfect place to store cleaning supplies out of sight. Add shelving beneath the sink to create more functional storage space.

An Overhead Pot Rack Increases Kitchen Storage

Pots and pans are difficult to store because of their varying shapes and sizes. You can solve this challenge by installing an overhead rack with hooks to hang your cookware. Use the rack to store other kitchen necessities, like cutting boards and large wooden spoons. Not only will the rack organize your pots and pans, but it also frees up space in your cabinets and drawers.

You don’t need a larger kitchen to prevent clutter. Use these storage tips to make better use of the space in your kitchen.

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