Moving is never easy, but moving with children adds another layer of complexity. It’s not easy to keep the kids occupied while you pack. You may struggle to explain why they have to leave their home and friends behind. Here are 6 helpful tips for moving with your family.

Give the Kids Time to Adjust

Sometimes parents don’t tell their kids they’re moving until the last minute to avoid negative feelings. But this plan often backfires because the kids feel left out and surprised. It’s best to tell your kids about the move early on. This way, they have time to say goodbye to their friends and make peace with the idea before moving day arrives.

Get the Kids Involved

If you involve your kids in the move, they’ll feel like it’s something you’re doing together as a family, rather than something happening to them. Assign your children age-appropriate tasks. For example, have younger kids pack towels. Older children can help clean out the fridge, label boxes, and even load the moving truck.

Ask a Friend to Help Supervise

On nights when you need to pack or tackle other moving-related tasks, ask an adult to come over and spend time with your children. This way, you get some time to focus on moving preparations.

Allow Extra Time When Moving with Your Family

Moving with your family often seems to take a little longer than expected. Build some buffer time into your schedule. Start packing months ahead of time. Unused belongings in the basement or items in the guest room can be packed first without having a major effect on your household.

For Longer Moves, Book a Hotel Stay

If you’re moving a long distance, it is tempting to drive it all in one day and save yourself the expense of a hotel. But when you’re moving with a family, having everyone together in the car for hours can be overwhelming. To reduce stress, spend the money on a hotel room and divide the driving between two days.

Read Books on Moving With Your Family

Find age-appropriate books about moving, and read them with your children. This will help them grow more comfortable with the idea of a new home. They’ll feel less alone in their worries and fears.

Moving with your family can be a great adventure if you frame it that way. Follow the tips above, and stay positive. When you work together as a family, tasks become more manageable, even moving.

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