For most people, summertime is about bare feet, beaches, and endless barbeques. However, it’s also an ideal time of year for homeowners to take on summertime home improvement projects.

The warm, long days make summer the perfect season to complete home improvement projects. With the kids out of school and days off from work, there’s more time to spend sprucing up the house. Below are some practical summertime home improvement projects to consider.

Pressure Washing Summertime Home Improvement

Pressure wash your home for an immediate facelift for your property. Cleaning the exterior of your home is an inexpensive summertime home improvement project that improves curb appeal.

Over the seasons, your house, driveway, walkways, patios, and decks collect dirt, dust, and debris. Mold, algae, and mildew may also be issues in certain climates. Use a pressure washer to remove sediment and build-up, and keep your property in great shape.

While you can do it yourself, hiring a professional to clean the hard-to-reach areas will save time and frustration.

Deck Additions and Repairs

It’s common for homeowners to add a deck to their homes as part of their summertime home improvement projects. For those with decks already, it’s time to refurbish and repair these outdoor living spaces.

Adding a deck is also one of the few home improvement projects that pay for themselves. According to research, a deck retains its value and recoups approximately 75% of the project cost when you sell the home.

If you have an existing deck, summer is the perfect time to refinish it. Sealing it with a fresh coat of stain reduces splintering and cracking, giving your deck a new look. Clean it thoroughly first to reduce the chances of trapping dirt, dust, and any unwanted particles under the stain.

Most importantly, use the time to change out chipped, cracked, or rotting deck boards, and replace or secure loose railings and pickets.

Clean the Gutters for Summertime Home Improvement

When the sun is shining, rainstorms are few and far between, and snow is a couple of seasons away, it’s time to clean the gutters.

It’s possibly one of the least fun home improvement projects, but cleaning gutters is one of the most important. Clogged gutters can’t correctly divert water away from your home’s siding and foundation, which could potentially cause leaks and damage to your property.

Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Chances are you’ll be spending more time outdoors and enjoying your lawn in summer, so it makes sense to care for your landscaping during this time. Add a new layer of mulch to flower beds and pathways to retain moisture and stop weeds from growing. Plant new trees or shrubs during summer, so they have plenty of time for the roots to grow before Autumn.

The summertime home improvement projects listed above will enhance your curb appeal and property value, and you’ll be well-prepared for the fall and winter weather ahead.

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