Whether you have recently become a homeowner or have lived in your house for a while now, you’ll always have projects to complete. From mounting a television on the wall and assembling furniture, to hanging art and patching nail holes, you’ll find that any job is easier with the proper tools. Here is a list of some of the basic tools every homeowner needs to take care of repairs around the house.

1. Tape Measure

One of the basic tools every homeowner needs is a tape measure. Whether you opt for a traditional tape measure or a digital one, accurate measurements are essential for many projects. You’ll use the tape measure to determine if the new couch will fit in the living room, to measure for new cabinet hardware, and to know what size curtains to purchase for the bedroom.

2. Tools Every Homeowner Needs: Extension Cords

Extension cords are helpful when you need to use a power tool in an area without an outlet. These are helpful and essential items to have around your house, however, extension cords are never meant for long-term use. If you find you frequently need to use extension cords, contact a professional electrician and have another outlet or two installed in your home.

3. Level

You can choose a traditional bubble level or a laser level for your toolbox. Your level will come in handy when you’re hanging a picture, building a deck, or installing shelving. This tool will help you determine if the artwork is straight before putting holes in your walls.

4. A Hammer is One of the Tools Every Homeowner Needs

A claw hammer is a necessity for every toolbox. Not only are they great for assembling furniture and tackling basic carpentry projects, but they also come in handy for extracting nails.

5. Utility Knife

A utility knife is a useful tool that will help you open boxes and make precise cuts. You can use this tool when you first move into your new home and need to open and unpack so many boxes.

6. Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Having a variety of screwdrivers is important in any home. Purchase a set that includes different sizes in both flathead and Phillips head versions or choose a tool with replaceable heads. This way you’ll always have the right screwdriver for the job.

7. Cordless Drill

A cordless drill allows you to reach places that would otherwise require an extension cord. Use your drill to assemble furniture, drill pilot holes, or build a deck. Purchase a variety of drill bits and drivers to get more use from this tool.

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