Your garage can be a useful place for storage or a cluttered mess. By incorporating handy garage storage solutions, you’ll be able to fit more things in the garage and keep them organized. Use these 5 ideas for garage storage.

Garage Storage With Pegboard

Pegboard on the walls of a garage is a classic storage hack. Pegboard is typically made from perforated hardboard or metal. Attach it to the walls to add a large surface area for storing small tools and hardware. Hang hooks into the holes for storing tools by the handles. There are also small baskets and compartments that you can hang from a pegboard for holding small bits of hardware like nails, screws, nuts, and bolts.

Heavy Duty Shelving

Sturdy racks of shelves are great storage solutions to line the perimeter of the garage. They keep bulky items like camping chairs, packages of paper towels and toilet paper, and bags of charcoal stacked up and out of the way. Use clear plastic storage bins to keep smaller items and label them. This will make it easy to always find what you are looking for.

Overhead Garage Storage

If you are struggling to store things in your garage while still having enough room to park your cars, add some overhead storage. This can be done in a few different ways. One is to install brackets on the ceiling that allow bins to slide into them and hang from above. Another is to install large hooks for hanging sporting equipment like bicycles and kayaks. A third method, which is a little more involved, is to install a platform that is controlled by a pulley system. This way, you can access items without climbing a ladder. It is best to only store items overhead that aren’t used too regularly.

Rack for Long-Handled Tools

You probably want to store long-handled tools that are used both indoors and outdoors in the garage. Cleaning devices like mops and brooms and gardening tools like hoes and shovels can be stored the same way. Either install a rack to the wall to hang these tools by the handle or invest in a rack that will prop them up. Keep tools that are used indoors in one section and outdoor equipment in another.

Pull-Down Workbench

If you like working on carpentry projects, crafts, or other activities that require a surface in the garage, install a pull-down workbench. This is a table that folds up and attaches to the wall when not in use. You’ll save a lot of space by not having a table permanently set up in the garage.

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