Maintaining Your HVAC System

The HVAC system has a big impact on the quality of air in your home. Maintaining the system is essential to keep it running at its best. An HVAC system is expensive, and the last thing you want is to have issues in the middle of summer or winter when you are relying on it the most. Here are six HVAC maintenance tips to help you avoid breakdowns and keep your HVAC unit working properly for years to come.

Remove Clutter Around the Indoor HVAC Unit

Keeping the area surrounding your HVAC unit clean improves air quality and safety. Clutter also reduces airflow which is detrimental to your system’s efficiency.

HVAC Maintenance Means Being Attentive to How the System Operates

If you hear any strange sounds like grinding or rattling, monitor them closely. All of these noises can signal a problem with the HVAC system. Keep an eye out for signs of performance problems such as spotty heating or cooling, poor airflow, and malfunctioning thermostats. The sooner you identify and repair the issue, the better.

Replace the Filters

Disposable filters capture dust, hair, and other particles from the air so that these pollutants are not circulated throughout the home. Replace your filter every 50 to 90 days to improve indoor air quality and cut energy consumption.

Filters that are clean allow more air to pass through so the system heats and cools more effectively. Filters with a MERV rating of seven to thirteen are ideal for most systems because they provide a good balance between filtration performance and maximum airflow.

Hire a Professional for Periodic HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance will prevent many HVAC repairs. It will keep your system working efficiently, save you money on energy, and extend the life of your equipment.

It’s recommended that you hire a professional in the spring and fall for preventative HVAC maintenance, which includes:

  • Testing voltage
  • Flushing the coils
  • Inspecting the drain pan
  • Examining heating equipment performance
  • Vacuuming the blower compartments
  • Checking refrigerant levels in the air conditioning unit
  • Checking voltage on motors

Clean the Outside Unit

It’s easy to neglect the outside of an HVAC unit, but it’s as important as what’s inside. Make sure it’s kept free of leaves and debris and that the surrounding vegetation is not growing against or into your unit. To maintain proper airflow, keep the surrounding vegetation pruned back at least two feet from all sides of the equipment.

Get a Smart Thermostat

Use a smart thermostat to take advantage of features that will help you with preventative maintenance, like scheduling notifications when the filter should be changed. Smart thermostats also let you track your energy usage, which can help you determine when the HVAC system is used the most. Reducing energy consumption will lower your utility bills and also minimize the wear on the HVAC unit itself.

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