During the summer, most homeowners see their energy bills rise as the air conditioning works to maintain a cool temperature. There are ways to keep your home cool and use less energy. Follow these easy tips to reduce cooling costs this summer.

Use a Programmable Thermostat to Reduce Cooling Costs

The U.S Department of Energy recommends installing a programmable thermostat. You can set the thermostat schedule to raise and lower the temperature based on whether you’re home. A programmable thermostat can help reduce cooling costs by up to 10% a year.

The ideal temperature setting for your AC thermostat is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you set it at 72 degrees, you could see your summer energy costs increase by as much as 40%.

A smart thermostat senses whether someone is home and automatically adjusts the temperature to help control cooling costs. You can also adjust the thermostat remotely from an app on your phone.

Install Fans Throughout Your House to Reduce Cooling Costs

Ceiling fans and floor fans will help lower your cooling costs even if you have an AC system installed. Fans promote air circulation so that your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard. With fans running, the cool air from the AC will circulate throughout your home and create a windchill effect.

If you live in a temperate climate, fans may be all you need during the summer. They’ll provide a comfortable breeze and use less energy than your AC.

Close Your Curtains to Block Sunlight

Sunlight shining through your windows warms up the interior temperature and the AC will work harder to cool your home. Keep the drapes or blinds closed on a sunny day to block out as much as 45% of the solar heat.

Seal Your Windows to Reduce Cooling Costs

According to the U.S Department of Energy, windows. account for about 30% of your home’s energy loss. Air leaks increase the workload for your cooling system. Apply caulk and weatherstripping around windows and doors to help reduce cooling costs.

Service Your AC Unit Regularly

How often you clean and replace your air filters can make a difference of about 5%-15% in your energy bill. It’s best to examine the filters once a month and change them as needed. When you let dust and dirt accumulate, your cooling system uses more power. Some digital thermostats will show a notification reminding you that it’s time to replace your filters.

Use some of these tips to reduce cooling costs during the summer months without having to spend a lot of money on upgrades.

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