Are you fed up with winter and ready for warmer weather? If so, now’s the time to prepare your home for spring. Even if it’s still chilly outside, there are many things you can do both inside and outside your home to get it ready for the change of seasons.

7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

By tackling these tasks now, you’ll have more time to enjoy the warm weather when it finally arrives.

Change the Filter in Your HVAC System

If you’ve been using your heating every day for the last few months, the filter has likely accumulated dust and debris. Spring is an excellent time to purify the air in your home. Replace the filter with every season change or more often if you have pets or family with respiratory issues.

Clean the Gutters to Prepare your Home for Spring

Your gutters accumulate a surprising amount of debris over the winter, from leaves to sticks and more. If they become clogged, this can lead to leaking and flooding issues during spring showers.

So, to prevent any problems and successfully prepare your home for spring, clear them out. First, remove as much as you can by hand, then use a hose to clear out any stuck-on dirt and debris.

Service the Lawnmower

As your lawnmower has been sitting over the winter months, it will require some maintenance to get it back into action and ensure it lasts another summer. First, clean it, removing any grass and mud. Then, drain and replace oil, lubricate the moving parts, and sharpen the blades.

Prepare Your Home for Spring by Cleaning the Grill

Your gas grill is another appliance you’ll want to start using as soon as the temperatures increase. Because it has been sitting dormant all winter, rust may have developed. Then, thoroughly clean it inside and out and check that the fuel tank hose is in good condition, too.

Clean the Dryer Vent

A clothes dryer is one appliance that is typically used more in the winter than the rest of the year. As a result, the vent may clog, becoming a dangerous fire hazard if ignored. To unclog it, you’ll first need to disconnect the duct from the back of the machine before removing the lint. Make sure the vent cover flap moves freely before attaching it.

Wash the Windows

After months of being inside and extreme weather conditions, your windows likely need to be washed inside and outside. If you’re not comfortable climbing up and down a ladder, hire a professional window cleaner to help prepare your home for spring.

Get Your Garden Ready

Lastly, prepare your home for spring by getting your garden ready. Remove branches that fell in winter storms, rake the leaves, and prune shrubs. Then, plant vegetables and flowers after the last frost. Dahlias and gladioli are two great choices that will make your garden extra colorful this year.

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